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  1. Keggerator of 6 years has gone to the big brew pub in the sky.

    I got the fridge on CL for $20. An awesome little fridge. I was able to shoehorn 4 kegs in there and it took me several years to get all the gear to actually put 4 taps on the door. The drip tray was less than the fridge (not including the mounting hardware) and about a month ago it stopped cycling altogether. No compressor motor or anything. Just the repetitive click of a micro switch trying to get things going. I keep an eye on CL for a replacement and my suck it up and switch to a chest freezer ...
  2. I gave the brewery a "cats paw"

    It's a phrase my mom used to use. It meant clean up. I suppose it come from the little dust free prints you would find
    if a cat decided to climb where it is not welcome and a duster had not been to in a while.

    I pulled everything out, and I mean everything. The broom has seen better days. Of course I am at a disadvantage with the dirt
    road out front but, DAMN! Anyhow, the grain bins got their lids completely washed, the mill got 120 psi, the work space was

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  3. Three years underemployed and now this?

    Well. Suffice it to say I am happy to report I got a promotion at work in October. But the reality is getting a promotion and
    "getting back to work" not as satisfying as I thought it would be. Bottom line, it turns out it will be 3-4 months of catching up
    that I have to do. I have a couple of outstanding loans that are almost gone.

    What"s my point?!?!

    Well. The biggest change is going from part time to full time. I lost a ton of "free ...

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  4. A Little of Ruben's Homebrew history.

    I have been brewing for about 7 years now. It still amazes me, the obsession it becomes. I started with a Brown Ale.
    I really had no idea what I was doing or why. I mean, there was no long endured desire to brew. Carlos just
    happened to know someone who did and he dragged me along to see the process and learn. I ended up about 2-4
    weeks behind him. I suddenly wanted to brew and wanted to drink my own beer.

    Here I am now. I have a dedicated brewery, a passion ...

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  5. At work

    Checking out the new joint. I am happy to report that work is going well enough for me
    to sit and BS on the interwebs a bit. I saw a DC3 plane parked on the A concourse. I
    couldn't make out an airline name but it was cool to see such an old plane at the airport.

    I want a beer.

    Back to work.

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