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  1. Three years underemployed and now this?

    Well. Suffice it to say I am happy to report I got a promotion at work in October. But the reality is getting a promotion and
    "getting back to work" not as satisfying as I thought it would be. Bottom line, it turns out it will be 3-4 months of catching up
    that I have to do. I have a couple of outstanding loans that are almost gone.

    What"s my point?!?!

    Well. The biggest change is going from part time to full time. I lost a ton of "free ...

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    My musings.
  2. At work

    Checking out the new joint. I am happy to report that work is going well enough for me
    to sit and BS on the interwebs a bit. I saw a DC3 plane parked on the A concourse. I
    couldn't make out an airline name but it was cool to see such an old plane at the airport.

    I want a beer.

    Back to work.

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    My musings.