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  1. I gave the brewery a "cats paw"

    It's a phrase my mom used to use. It meant clean up. I suppose it come from the little dust free prints you would find
    if a cat decided to climb where it is not welcome and a duster had not been to in a while.

    I pulled everything out, and I mean everything. The broom has seen better days. Of course I am at a disadvantage with the dirt
    road out front but, DAMN! Anyhow, the grain bins got their lids completely washed, the mill got 120 psi, the work space was

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  2. Prost!

    Howdy all!

    I just found your club among the several club sites listed at the bottom of the Dry Dock website and clicked on it because I like the name. You see, my last name is St. Amand and the original St. Amand (584-675 AD) lived the majority of his life as a monk. In fact, because he preached in France, Germany and Belgium, he is the Patron Saint of brewers and vintners (among others - bartenders, bar staff, innkeepers,...). Needless to say, I've always been a big fan of beer ...
  3. Greetings and howdy

    Hi All,

    I just found the site and thought I would introduce myself.

    I've been homebrewing for about 10 years, 5 with an all grain keggle system. I just recently got divorced and as such have been more focused on my brewing life. So, with all of the extra money and time on my hands, I decided to build an electric brewery in my basement (will post pictures at some point). I've only brewed 1 batch and am still working out the bugs but it has been an incredibly satisfying ...
  4. Hello all!!

    I am new to brewing but have been passionate about beer and the brewing process for quite some time now. As far as beer goes, I have been almost exclusive to stouts since GABF 2011. I am now turning to IA's and IPA's, but still find myself perusing the stouts at my local beer store.

    I am excited to meet some people I can learn from and hopefully get to the point where I can give some good advice to some other people. As a student at a science-type school (Colorado School of Mines) ...
  5. From selling beer to creating it

    Hello everyone, I'm excited to begin this journey into brewing. This is my first year at it. I wanted to take a class and my friend jt encouraged me that we should just try it ourselves. Together we have made four batches but he has made several others on his own. I am looking forward to learning from everyone and meeting everyone. It will be hard for me to attend most of the meetings as I am a bar manager so I spend all my weekends at work. I will however be at a few get togethers in August. I ...
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