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  1. I had to draw in my beard to look like an authentic brewer

    Hey folks, thanks for setting up this awesome group, I have trolled the forums (while I was "working") and could not post my blog entry introducing myself until now.

    I was informed by this website that I would need to introduce myself and give details such as brewing experience, and such. I presume it is not in fact to let you all know about me (as claimed), but you are sizing me up as a brewing adversary.......I'm not.

    Without further delay here ya go. I ...
  2. Finally

    Hey everyone!

    I live in the Lakewood/Green Mountain area. I've been brewing for a few years now. Just recently got into all-grain brewing. Looking forward to attending a meet-up to get to meet some new friends, share homebrew and learn more about the process. This club seems pretty cool because it involves meeting up and brewing!

    Hope to see you all soon!
  3. New brewer

    So I moved to Lakewood from Illinois in December, and I just brewed the first batch Iíve ever done on my own. I started brewing with my brother who really helped out with all the beer Iíve made in the past. Iím happy to be part of a group where I can get advice on brewing because I love making and drinking good beer.
  4. New to Colorado

    Hey Everyone,

    I just joined the Monks, so I thought I should say a little bit about myself.
    I started brewing in 2004, and I've been addicted ever since. I usually do all-grain batches in volumes of 10 gallons in my normal rig, or 25 gallons in my monster rig. I have a 6 tap kegerator (converted from a chest freezer), but one of the taps is dedicated to a sparkling wine that I make for my wife to keep her happy.

    My wife and I just moved here from Maryland, and ...
  5. Hello everyone!

    Hey everybody!

    My name's Dylan, and I'm a beer nut. I'm learning more and more about it and hoping to get into some home brewing myself soon with my brother, who also has a good interest in it.

    One of my favorite things about Denver, and Colorado in general, is the beer culture/community. Every time I go to a
    tap room, there's always laid-back people enjoying a cold one and talking about what makes it so good. Mile High
    Monks seems like a great community ...
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