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  1. A Little of Ruben's Homebrew history.

    I have been brewing for about 7 years now. It still amazes me, the obsession it becomes. I started with a Brown Ale.
    I really had no idea what I was doing or why. I mean, there was no long endured desire to brew. Carlos just
    happened to know someone who did and he dragged me along to see the process and learn. I ended up about 2-4
    weeks behind him. I suddenly wanted to brew and wanted to drink my own beer.

    Here I am now. I have a dedicated brewery, a passion ...

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  2. At work

    Checking out the new joint. I am happy to report that work is going well enough for me
    to sit and BS on the interwebs a bit. I saw a DC3 plane parked on the A concourse. I
    couldn't make out an airline name but it was cool to see such an old plane at the airport.

    I want a beer.

    Back to work.

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  3. A Little of Ken's Homebrew History

    Been brewing pretty regular since Fall of 2007, including Beer, Wine (both kits and fresh pressed), Cysers and really anything we can get to ferment. We have taken homebrewing pretty far, converting our basement into a pretty nice brewery, building a walk-in fridge under the stairs and setting up a small entertaining space.

    Obviously, we love brewing with our friends, which is why we joined the Mile High Monks originally. We looked at some other brew clubs in the Denver area, but ...
  4. blog to blog

    hey ken i am blogging to verify the functionality of the website. thanks for being our go to guy for this stuff.
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