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    Welcome to the new home of the Mile High Monks. We are still working on getting everything figured out and set, so you may see the layout, color or even logos change as time goes on. Please feel free to play around, create posts or blogs, upload pictures and generally get a feel for things. If you run into any snags, drop us a line and let us know so we can help you out or get it fixed.

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    1. Ken's Avatar
      Ken -
      Got a cool picture that you want to be displayed next to all of your posts? Go to Forum, then Forum Actions, Edit Profile, and then Edit Avatar... Find that cool picture of yours and post it up!

      In this same area you will find all kinds of settings. Feel free to fill in all of your Profile details so we know a little more about you.
    1. Ken's Avatar
      Ken -
      Once you get logged in and settled, wander on over to the Blog section and tell us a little about your "Homebrewing History".
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      monkadmin -
      You can also find us at:
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