A Little of Ken's Homebrew History

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Been brewing pretty regular since Fall of 2007, including Beer, Wine (both kits and fresh pressed), Cysers and really anything we can get to ferment. We have taken homebrewing pretty far, converting our basement into a pretty nice brewery, building a walk-in fridge under the stairs and setting up a small entertaining space.

Obviously, we love brewing with our friends, which is why we joined the Mile High Monks originally. We looked at some other brew clubs in the Denver area, but the Monks were our home. We also enjoy teaching newbies how to brew and always welcome them to come use our equipment to brew their first batch.

After trying to deal with 6 corney kegs full of homebrew in a household-sized refrigerator, I realized it was time to go bigger. We thought about various options: a second fridge, a deep freezer with a temperature control, or even a commercial under-the-bar style keg refrigerator. Then one day I found a bitching glass door for a commercial reach-in refrigerator (seen at your local 7-11 when you go to buy a soda) and we decided it was destined to be: a walk-in fridge built under the stairs. The door lights up with the flick of a switch, the four taps pour liquid gold at the slightest touch and glasses are always cold for those in need. It truly is a walk-in, as 3 adult men can stand inside and have a conversation with the door closed while surrounded by beer. Sleeping bags can be provided for those who wish to stay the night inside.
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The brewery is always fun to show off. Between the 90,000 BTU natural gas burner with custom built fume hood, the 3-bay deep sink, and the 8 feet of counter top complete with bottling station and grain storage, our guests eyes pop with they first see it. We have 3 people in there on any given brew day working on various tasks of the brew process, and can usually keep a good movement flow going. The burner can heat sparge water in no time flat, the deep sink can hold a full batch of bottles in any of it's bays and the counter top is always in use with various projects being fermented.
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When I am not at the house brewing beer I can be seen in other aspects around town. I worked for a year at Stomp Them Grapes, which I still like to get my supplies from when I can. The time spent there really opened my eyes to the world of brewing much faster then if I had been an average homebrewer. I also volunteer for the Great American Beer Festival whenever I can, which has been every year for the past 3 years in a row, plus extra visits to Boulder in between seasons.

Feel free to come say hello at the next brew meeting, I am sure I will be there.