Three years underemployed and now this?

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Well. Suffice it to say I am happy to report I got a promotion at work in October. But the reality is getting a promotion and
"getting back to work" not as satisfying as I thought it would be. Bottom line, it turns out it will be 3-4 months of catching up
that I have to do. I have a couple of outstanding loans that are almost gone.

What"s my point?!?!

Well. The biggest change is going from part time to full time. I lost a ton of "free time" and I have not had much time to brew.
And well, I have encountered a new point in my brewing life. I am tired of the beers I have on tap, UGH. Don't get me wrong,
they are fine and tasty. But I need something new!!!! I find it a challenge to find time to brew any more. My brewing space is
in a bit of disarray. I have a beer in primary that is long overdue to be racked. I am itching to brew something fierce!!!!

Wish me luck. I need more time but the days aren't as long as they used to be. Plus, I have less than a month to plan next
year's Holiday beer. Might be time to tap last year's...

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  1. kingof14ers's Avatar
    Hey Ruben! In reading this blog entry I can't help but think of my last brew that kept getting postponed several times the first of which was at the last MHM meeting. I finally brewed it Friday night and was freezing and so shortened mash, incomplete boil (due to cold in part, lame BTU burner, and having to switch a tank out to finish).

    Not sure my point, but sit down and type up a few batch ideas....let's call it "Fantasy Brewing" instead of fantasy football. Think of your bold idea that shakes things up and rekindles your passion.

    You and I talked about a collaborative brew sometime, so let's chat offline about it and one day early next year I'll come up and we can brew one batch together or brew 2 at the same time and then blend them together.