New to brewing

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Hi everyone,

My name is Evan, I'm new to the Littleton area and to homebrewing, so I think a local club like this is a perfect way for me to meet people and learn some things about brewing. My first batch is currently carbing up in bottles, and I'm planning my second batch.

I'd love to attend the next meeting and meet some of you!
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  1. Brewster's Avatar
    Welcome to the madness! enjoy
  2. kingof14ers's Avatar
    Welcome Catman! I myself joined about 6 months ago. Great group of people that will help you improve every step of the way from equipment and technique to one of the founder's wife willing to help with clean up (sorry Danelle).

    The April meeting is up in Boulder with the possibility of a few visitors from the BA and a tour of Upslope. Willing to carpool with you if interested. I'm hosting May and will be much closer for you.

    At each meeting you'll definitely get to sample the handiwork of our members. So feel free to bring a few bottles of your own as there is always an exchange going on. Cheers!