New to Colorado

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Hey Everyone,

I just joined the Monks, so I thought I should say a little bit about myself.
I started brewing in 2004, and I've been addicted ever since. I usually do all-grain batches in volumes of 10 gallons in my normal rig, or 25 gallons in my monster rig. I have a 6 tap kegerator (converted from a chest freezer), but one of the taps is dedicated to a sparkling wine that I make for my wife to keep her happy.

My wife and I just moved here from Maryland, and I'm eager to meet some people to share my homebrew with. We're staying at my wife's parents house in Parker while we get the housing situation figured out, but we plan on eventually living somewhere closer to Denver. I don't have have much room to brew here, so I made sure to fill all of my kegs with homebrew before the move so I can keep the beer flowing.

Here's what I currently have on tap:
American Pale
Pumpkin Ale
Ginger Spice Ale
Sparkling Black Raspberry Merlot

Once those are gone, I have a few more lined up to take their places....
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  1. Ken's Avatar
    Good job thinking in advance. Welcome to the group!
  2. kingof14ers's Avatar
    Fellow east coaster, Welcome! That 25 gallon rig sounds like a few collaborative brews to be made. <hint hint> I'd love to see that setup in action.