At work

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Checking out the new joint. I am happy to report that work is going well enough for me
to sit and BS on the interwebs a bit. I saw a DC3 plane parked on the A concourse. I
couldn't make out an airline name but it was cool to see such an old plane at the airport.

I want a beer.

Back to work.

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  1. Ken's Avatar
    Being at work doesn't stop me from having a beer. Honestly, it really is only about twice a month. I don't want the coworkers to think I am a slush or anything.
  2. Ruben's Avatar
    Don't brag it is not nice...

    I have a tap house for Boulder Beer and New Belgium
    within walking distance at work. Do you know how
    unfair it is that I can't have one even if I am not
    driving or operating any machinery?

  3. Ken's Avatar
    I agree, having the microbrewery bars right there in your work space is just rude.