I had to draw in my beard to look like an authentic brewer

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Hey folks, thanks for setting up this awesome group, I have trolled the forums (while I was "working") and could not post my blog entry introducing myself until now.

I was informed by this website that I would need to introduce myself and give details such as brewing experience, and such. I presume it is not in fact to let you all know about me (as claimed), but you are sizing me up as a brewing adversary.......I'm not.

Without further delay here ya go. I grew up here in CO, my family moved here when I was 6 stayed here until I was 18 when I made the worst decision of my life, to leave CO. For the next 15 years I wandered around the world/US trying to find a place as awesome as CO. The last place I lived before I moved back here three weeks ago was Louisville KY. In the five years I lived there I never had a mint julep or watched a single horse race (not even the Derby), but in the last 6 months there, in an attempt to make it seem better, I started homebrewing. And make things better it did!!

I brew from 5 gallon batches with extract at this point as I am still saving up for the parts for my tun,outdoor burner, bigger brew kettle, etc. What I lack in big batchieness and full-grainyness, I more than make up for in activity, I typically brew at least two batches a month and it was not surprising from me to have at least 25 gallons in various stages of bottle conditioning/primary/secondary at any given time in my basement.

I look forward to meeting all of you and being a member of the Mike High Monks.
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  1. kingof14ers's Avatar
    Hey Clement and welcome! I joined the monks around sept and never encountered anyone adversarial. This truly is a brother/sisterhood where we exchange ideas and beer samples and enjoy good company.
  2. Ken's Avatar
    Hey Clement, welcome! Naw - the blog is really just a way to introduce yourself and ... well, make it into anything you want it to be. The Monks are all about doing what YOU want, you want to do something - do it and we will follow! All kinds of great projects and events in the monks because of that. We are definitely not a club that conforms to any kind of "mold".
  3. Ken's Avatar
    Oh, and I love the beard!