Devin T. Byrd

From selling beer to creating it

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Hello everyone, I'm excited to begin this journey into brewing. This is my first year at it. I wanted to take a class and my friend jt encouraged me that we should just try it ourselves. Together we have made four batches but he has made several others on his own. I am looking forward to learning from everyone and meeting everyone. It will be hard for me to attend most of the meetings as I am a bar manager so I spend all my weekends at work. I will however be at a few get togethers in August. I would love to meet any members that live near Broomfield. Just stop into the Village Tavern in flatirons mall and ask for me, I'll buy you a beer.
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  1. kingof14ers's Avatar
    Hey Devin, looking forward to meeting you, JT, and a few others at my place on the 25th. Welcome to the monks! Great group of people here. I think while you could take a class, you can learn a tremendous amount at one of our meetings and just diving into it.