Hello all!!

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I am new to brewing but have been passionate about beer and the brewing process for quite some time now. As far as beer goes, I have been almost exclusive to stouts since GABF 2011. I am now turning to IA's and IPA's, but still find myself perusing the stouts at my local beer store.

I am excited to meet some people I can learn from and hopefully get to the point where I can give some good advice to some other people. As a student at a science-type school (Colorado School of Mines) I realized there had to be someone there that knew something about beer. Well, there is. I talked a fellow home brewer/ chemical engineer into assisting me with an independent study in brewing processes, especially fermentation. Through study and other peoples opinion and expertise I hope to share my passion of brewing and beer with as many people as I can.

I look forward to meeting everyone and maybe talking my wife into hosting a brewing afternoon sometime.
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  1. kingof14ers's Avatar
    Hey Shane welcome to the monks. I think quite a few of us can offer fermentation samples for your independent study. In fact I've thought about cultivating my own wild yeast this fall, but a little leery about what kind of bacteria might be present to spoil the beer. Looking forward to meeting you.
  2. Ken's Avatar
    Hey Shane, welcome to the monks! I know of at least one other Monk - or friend of Monks - who is currently at Mines, and know of quite a few who have graduated from there.