I gave the brewery a "cats paw"

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It's a phrase my mom used to use. It meant clean up. I suppose it come from the little dust free prints you would find
if a cat decided to climb where it is not welcome and a duster had not been to in a while.

I pulled everything out, and I mean everything. The broom has seen better days. Of course I am at a disadvantage with the dirt
road out front but, DAMN! Anyhow, the grain bins got their lids completely washed, the mill got 120 psi, the work space was
cleared of anything "non-brewery". I even realized some needs. My grain bins are labeled with shipping labels that I printed
the grain type on. Apparently the hot and cold flux is causing some to peel and warp. I may go sharpie-on-bin crazy soon.
One idea that was presented to me a while back: Label the bins as Bin #1, Bin #2, Bin #3 etc. and when I buy grain and fill
the tub, have a board up somewhere with the Bin#1 = Maris Otter. I share this because one bin had two labels on it. Who
knows what I have been brewing with...

Two fermenters are PBW'ed and now sanitary waiting for beer. 6 kegs got the once over and are sanitized and ready.

I even de-cluttered a bit. Some things got moved out and made some room.


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  1. Brewster's Avatar
    Feel free to come by and "cats paw" my brewery
  2. Ken's Avatar
    Ditto to Chad's comment. I wish I could clean my floor after each brew session... not having a floor drain really bites. =)
    It is always nice to start a brew session with a clean brewery and clean equipment.