The Purple People Meader

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So named by Brother Carlos, the Purple People Meader is going to be a Hibiscus Cranberry Melomel. Probably.
I'm going to wait until secondary to see how much flavor and aroma the Hibiscus flowers imparted. From there I will determine what if anything needs to be added.

Recipe 3 gal:
~8 lbs of honey
2 oz hibiscus
yeast nutrient
2 pkg Red Star Champagne Yeast
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  1. Ken's Avatar
    Looks like it is fermenting nicely.
  2. Ruben's Avatar
    I'm curious to see the end result. Any progress?
  3. Ken's Avatar
    I think it is in secondary... if I remember right, it tasted pretty strong still and needs more time to mellow out. Hopefully Randy will see this and post his feedback on it.