Hello to All !!!

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Hello all, my name is Steve and I live in Aurora. I've been brewing for 2-3 years now. I was a extract brewer for the first while and now have a mash tun and do all grain. I do 5 gallon batches and have a keg-orator that I converted. I do mostly all my shopping at the brew hut.

I have my first all grain brown in the keg and getting ready to make a beer hopefully next weekend. Type tbd. I have tried almost all types and trying to think of something right now. Might do a stout.

I travel a lot for work all over the west coast and check into untapped and fb for my travels. Also have trips to Germany for some good hefe's over there.

Looking forward to attending and to meet some new friends, share home-brew, and learn more.

Meet Kevin and Ruben at Caution last night and the club sounded like a good club to join.

If there is a fb calendar I will join.

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  1. kingof14ers's Avatar
    Welcome Steve! Hope to meet you soon at a meeting or tour.
  2. Douglas Westphal's Avatar
    Welcome Steve!
    FYI!!! There is a Monks brewery tour march 3rd at the Copper Kettle brewing Co. starting @ 11:00am!
    Come join us and meet some more Monks!.

  3. Ken's Avatar
    Welcome Steve! Yep, we are on Facebook also, but it appears you found us there.