exploding growlers

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this issue has surfaced as a Post on the BA member blog, and I am trying to make sure all the local clubs know of it. The info below should be shared with club members, others. The info is excerpted from Brewers Association (registered) recently published best practices document for growlers. This document is available to the public. The link is:

Of significant note is the comment about worn and scratched glass. Please note that this problem applies to carboys, bottles and any other glass brewing items we use. It could also apply to plastic fermenters, but not with the same dangerous side affects as glass.


Tony McCrimmon, O.H.S.T.
OSHA Outreach, Forklift, First Aid, Safety Trainer

Common factors which can contribute to issues with growlers include:
Overfilling (never fill more than 95% of total capacity or beyond the fill line if one is present)
Warming or Freezing
Closure Type (plastic closures may release pressure more readily than metal closures)
Growler Type (be sure your growler is pressure rated, especially if made of glass)
Age and Fatigue, especially in worn or scratched glass growlers
Counter-pressure filling (be sure your growler is pressure rated, and never pressurize a growler which is not pressure rated)
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