The Keg Ran Out Club of Broomfield, Colorado invites you to enter our Great American Beer Challenge homebrew competition to be held in conjunction with the 18th Annual KROC World Brewers Forum.

To enter a beer or register as a judge/steward, please go to REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW!!

This year's competition judging will be held on September 29th at Arvada Beer Company, and the awards presented at the World Brewers Forum on October 11th at the Marriott City Center, Denver, CO. See for more information.

Besides the regular "American" styles for this competition, we have two special categories this year, Black IPA's (Cascadian Dark Ales) and American Sours.

Entry fee is $6 per entry, two bottles required.

Entry window for drop off and mailing is September 5th through September 22nd.

Categories Accepted

All the styles will be grouped into flights based on number of entries, and ribbons will be awarded for the top three positions in each flight. Only entries in the categories and subcategories below will be accepted.

1 A, B, C (Lite, Standard and Premium American Light Lager)
2 C (Classic American Pilsner)
4 A (Dark American Lager)
6 A, B, D (Cream Ale, Blonde Ale, American Wheat or Rye)
7 B (California Common)
10 A, B, C (American Pale, Amber and Brown Ale)
12 B (Robust Porter)
13 E (American Stout)
14 B, C (American IPA, Imperial IPA)
19 C (American Barleywine)
20 (Fruit Beer - based on another enterable American style only)
21 A, B (Spice Herb Vegetable, Winter Specialty Beer - American focused)
22 B, C (Other Smoked, Wood Aged Beer - both based on another enterable American style only)
23 (Specialty American focused)
29 Black IPA (Cascadian Dark Ale)
30 American Sour (American focused)

Rick Bobbitt
KROC Competition Coordinator
Broomfield, CO
Rick Bobbitt