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Thread: Keezer for sale

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    Keezer for sale

    Hi there MHMs!

    I'm going to be moving in July and looking to sell my keezer. I'm not brewing a lot at the moment and it should be getting more use than it is Currently.

    Two Perlick taps, A419 Johnson controller, small computer fan to prevent stratification running on a timer, aluminum co2 tank, drip tray, 1 ball lock keg (2nd keg included as well but it got dropped and might need seals/o rings so I'm not counting it in case it's jacked up worse than just an o ring), all on a small GE freezer that holds two kegs and CO inside.

    I'm selling it super cheap to a real brewer (that's why I'm posting it here not craigslist) as long as you will come pick it up in Golden and maybe send me a pic of a beer or two once you get it up and running so I know it went to a good home.

    I'll post some pics momentarily but I'm thinking $300 will make a nice deal for this Keezer if someone is in need of getting away from bottling and wants an already built option that costs less than parts alone to build one.

    I'll look into how to post pics now...

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    I don't really see how to add pics here but I can text/email them no problem!

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    Keezer is sold.

    Enjoy it guys!

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