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Thread: Step Mashing Phone App

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    Step Mashing Phone App

    Andy had mentioned in passing a possibility of a step mashing phone app. Sorry Andy I don't recall your recommendation.

    In watching visiting brewers with a phone stopwatch ticking away, I got to thinking it would be great when either home or as a guest brewer it would be great to plug in your grain weight, desired mash temp, strike water volume, and get the strike temp needed for your initial infusion. I always use a calculator online, but it would be neat to have a phone app that does this and includes a stopwatch feature with say split times for each rest, hop addition recording and even alarms based on pre-programmed schedule....."Add your xyz flavoring addition now!"
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    Mine is called HB Calc for simple mashing. For the steps and stuff I also have Brew Pal, which is far more tweakable. But since I have a direct fired mash tun, I only mash in once, then use the fire to raise, so I seldom use the brew pal for infusions.
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