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Thread: Quarterly Monk Competition Begins...Nov. 2011

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    I'm in favor of the style reccomendations. One need not call it a competition, or a mandate, or anything at all. Having the 6 or seven monks brew a similar recipe in advance of a specific meeting or Club-only comp in no way makes us the FOTR. If anything if gives the participants the ability to be better brewers through comparison and feedback, and those who don't care to participate still get to drink some tasty beers at a meeting. Everybody wins, and there is still no oppressive leadership or structure for our happy little club.

    As far as the money goes, maybe that's the rub. The thing is at some point (now with the websites) it takes some money for us to hang out together en masse. Ken has eaten it all thus far and has shown us the way to contribute, so the notion could be divorced from the club competitions. What, then, is left to be unhappy about? A free, voluntary chance to brew similar recipes without any administrative overhead? Sounds like the ideal Monk approach to a competition.
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    Ideas are one thing, but creating bureaucracy in a club that was founded on the principles of NOT having it is counterproductive IMHO. If dues, schedules, meeting minutes, hierarchies and competitiveness are desired, that can be found in our jobs (no comments!) and everyday life. I go to meetings to be completely free of all that; to spend time with good friends, enjoy different experiences in flavors & styles, ask and answer questions, laugh at how everyone else enjoys the beer we brought even if we weren't happy with it, and generally breathe a sigh of relief that, for a few hours, I can just relax.

    So hells yeah, let's have some competitions & have fun with it! But keep the Monks FREE for everyone.

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    So, Back to the competition. Just so that I am caught up, For Q4, the Category is Spiced Herb Veggie style and it will be judged
    in February right?

    What is the entry deadline? If there is one...
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    So are we doing this or is this a dead topic? If anyone is interested, I'm thinking about brewing either a saison or a berliner weisse (if anyone is still open to this, those would be my style nominees).

    Again purely voluntary, people not bringing the agreed style could be the voters.
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